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Sweden introduced a solar air-conditioning can reduce carbon dioxide emissions
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To save energy for regulating the building temperature. Nahaigesiteng located in the Swedish capital of Stockholm to solar air conditioning company introduced a new device -- a solar air conditioning . Refrigeration or heating systems using oil or gas. However, solar air conditioning can be controlled effectively through the solar water heating to reduce energy use. and store solar energy for use on cloudy days. This salt water and air-conditioning on in a vacuum thermal chemical exchange.
 Evaporation of water from a mishandling by intervals of mishandling the absorption of salt, salt, therefore, turned into salt slurry; Energy absorption in the process of evaporation of water, salt mishandling energy release, the resulting energy exchange : water cooling salt heat.
This technology is very expensive air conditioning, to install solar-powered air-conditioning company in Spain in the system is estimated to cost around 25,000 U.S. dollars. 10,000 U.S. dollars more than the standard system. However, solar air-conditioning company's CEO Per • Olofson said that the use of solar air-conditioning, for a standard monthly housing expenditure of energy saving 130 U.S. dollars. Also, do not rely on traditional fuels, the use of solar-powered air-conditioning in the average household an average of 11.8 tons of carbon dioxide emission reduction can be.
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