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Air-conditioning industry to herald a turning point
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In a series of factors such as rising prices of raw materials, Freezing air-conditioning market in the year 2006 the overall trend is not optimistic. But this does not mean that an ineffective air-conditioning business. Shen Jian news industry experts believe that the market data merely reflect some characteristics of this market. results not in the throng behind the air-conditioning enterprise implied tremendous opportunity for development.

■ Easily into the next year
For sales information, Shen Jian news that the sales decline occurred mainly in the primary market. Third Grade 4 to increased market sales to make up for the dismal state of the primary market. And the level of the market decline is mainly due to the saturation of the market, a slowdown in consumer demand rational. Operation Enterprise is not a mistake. In the face of rising prices of raw materials, the cost of re-manufacturing enterprises could not have regulated prices.

There is the view that this reflects AC entrepreneurial capacity and poor risk control. Wen Shen Jian said : "Many enterprises in 2005 to middle and high-end transformation, Value adjustments to the price war from the war. This is a prime opportunity for price hikes. Enterprises can use to enhance their own profitability. "Shen Wen Jian, this year, the largest air-conditioning market is a bright spot for many enterprises to yield effective control. According to his understanding, as of mid-June, the entire annual output of 33 million Taiwan in 2006. sales of about 50,000 in 3500, more than 2,000 million in exports, domestic sales at around 15 million. production was lower than consumption, the effective inventory digestion. He did not deny that control the production of such high prices of raw materials are subject to the production of state enterprises not blind. But it is also an opportunity to change the incentives so that the excess inventory situation and avoid price wars. Lane and relaxed into the new year.
■Competition is building a three-dimensional
"Whether from the products of industrial design, or some functional, some minor changes on the product itself, also represents the shift in the focus of corporate strategy. "Shen Jian news analysis :" In the past, We only think of improving price competitiveness rather than improving product quality; Now, changes in the enterprise resource overdraft in the future to participate in market competition, avoid pre-blind investment, made more rational development patterns. These changes show that the entire air-conditioning sector, competition is beginning to build three-dimensional competition platform.

"Faced with the new competition situation, Shen Wen Jian, the core competitiveness of enterprises in the near future the possibility of establishing a relatively small A more feasible approach is to establish "a relative comparative competitive advantages." The so-called "relative comparative advantage" is to accelerate the pace of new product innovation promotion, gradual improvement in the competitiveness of the industry chain areas, "to build terminal in the manufacture and sale of the two terminals link the competitive edge As to the upper reaches of the bargaining chips. "terminal market advantages in establishing the premise that improved homogenization of serious competition. Individual enterprises to establish their own advantages to achieve difference ahead.

■ Frequency is a "dark horse"
With the air-conditioning capacity of the secondary market becomes saturated, three of the four air-conditioning market has become the focus of competition among enterprises. Shen Jian Wen said that more critical logistics and distribution, and after-sale service to the development in the past two years, is gradually moving toward perfection. Speeding up construction of the new macro-control policies in rural areas.

Third Grade 4 will further stimulate consumer demand for the release of huge market towns. It can be predicted that the year 2007 three frozen 4 breakthrough growth enterprise market will be air-conditioned room. Inverter air conditioner now applaud the development may not be popular next year to change the state. 2008, the minimum energy efficiency rating will be raised to the threshold level, nearly 80% of the air-conditioning market will eventually be eliminated. Wen Shen Jian said : "Next year will be a buffer, the frequency can be used as air-conditioning in improving energy efficiency in the small room, Therefore, energy efficiency should be higher next year, the biggest variable frequency AC 'dark horse'.
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